Where do I attach my Pooldevil Pro?

  • The Pooldevil Pro is easy to attach. You simply unscrew the "eye ball" from your return line, and screw on the correct aim flow fitting for your pool.

Will the Pooldevil Pro work on an above-ground pool?

  • Yes, the Pooldevil Pro will fit Intex, Coleman, and most other above ground pools.  3 inch and 4 inch fitting are not included in the Pooldevil Pro Kit.    


I have an above-ground pool, what aim flow fittings do I need?

  • Pooldevil Pro works easily on above-ground pools. The most common aim flow fittings are the 3 inch and 4 inch internal thread fittings. To determine which fitting will work best for your pool, measure the diameter of your return line. 3 inch and 4 inch fitting are not included in the Pooldevil Pro Kit.  

What aim flow fitting do I need if my pool just has a pipe as the water return line, no threads?

  • For pools that do not have threads on their return line we have a solution for that. The Universal Aim Flow Fitting will fit to any return line that does not have threading. Not included in the Pooldevil Pro Kit

Where can I order replacement parts?

  • Currently Pooldevil Pro replacement parts are only sold directly through our websites. If you have any questions about our replacement parts please contact us for assistance.