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Pooldevil Pro

Pooldevil Pro

Pooldevil Pro

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The Pooldevil Pro, your ultimate solution for a pristine and hassle-free pool experience.  This revolutionary pool surface cleaner will transform your pool maintenance experience. Gone are the days of laborious manual skimming or dealing with unsightly debris floating in your pool.  

Easy Installation: The Pooldevil Pro easily connects to your existing water return line, making set-up a breeze. 

Auto Positioning for Optimal Cleaning: The Pooldevil Pro positions itself along the pool wall, allowing you to enjoy your pool while the Pooldevil Pro it still doing its job.

Adaptable to Various Pool Types: Whether you have an above-ground or in-ground pool, the Pooldevil Pro is adaptable to all different pool types and sizes.  


  • Intex & Coleman 3 inch Aim Flow Fitting (common for most above-ground pools)
  • Intex & Coleman 4 inch Aim Flow Fitting (common for most above-ground pools)


  • Pooldevil Pro head
  • Filter locking ring
  • Hose
  • L-connector
  • U-clip
  • 2 Maxi filter socks
  • 2 inch internal thread aim flow fitting
  • 2 inch external thread aim flow fitting
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Edward Spink
A must have for every pool owner

The pool devil pro helps keep the pool surface clear and less debris drops to the bottom too!!
Tremendous benefit during the spruce husk- oak pollination and maple key seasons!
I just bought another one to keep the lazy L dead zone clear!


What an easy product to install and use!! The Pooldevil pro kit came with easy instructions to install and took me about 5 minutes to do. I have other pool cleaning products that costed me twice as much and don’t work as well. Would highly recommend getting this for your pool.